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¡¾Catering Facilities¡¿

Luxurious and grand banquet hall, Chinese restaurant and private room filled with traditional Chinese atmosphere, foreign romantic style west restaurant, coffee hall and lobby bar form a beautiful scene line. It is the elegant and comfortable venue that can hold 800 guests at the same time, and hold banquet, cocktail party, family getting together, chatting and meet clients. Environment of the restaurant has ranked top 250 in ¡°Public Delicacy Comment¡±.
Specially invited renowned chief from Hongkong taking charge of Swift¡¯s nest, Abalone, Shark¡¯s fin, Casserole series and highly thought of Shanghai style healthy dinner are main characteristics of our hotel¡¯s top in the catering field. Marriage under the thousand-year ancient trees is a brand of our hotel. Meeting hall and supporting facilities with different specification can satisfy demand of all kind of business activities and conferences.
Business Hour for Each Venue:
Banquet hall: 11:00 am.¡ª22:00 pm. (or according to customers¡¯ demand)
Manjianghong Chinese hall, Chinese restaurant private room: 11:00 am.¡ª22:00 pm. (or according to customers¡¯ demand)
Small banquet hall (VIP, Beer bar), Shanghai hall, Paris hall (compatible for meetings, cocktail parties and small type banquet) Business Hour: 11:00 am.¡ª22:00 pm (or according to customers¡¯ demand)
Lobby bar, coffee hall: 7:00 am.¡ª23:00 pm.
BEST West Restaurant: 7:00 am.¡ª23:00 pm.

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